Former British Consulate of Hakodate

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Adult240 yen
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(Group admission fees apply to groups of 15 persons or more. When visiting on school field trips, even individual students can utilize group admission fees.)

Former British Consulate of Hakodate


The History of the Union Jack in the Port Town of Hakodate

Gate emblem of the British Consulate

The Former British Consulate of Hakodate opened Hakodate Port as a hub of international commerce in 1859, and for the next 75 years they flew the Union Jack over this port town brimming with fascinating foreign culture.
The consulate building was rebuilt at this location following several fires, but after that it was lost to fire once again. The current building was completed in 1913 by the Shanghai Construction Bureau, Department of Engineering of the British Government and it served as the British consulate until its closing in 1934.
The building was designated as a tangible cultural property by Hakodate City in 1979, and in 1992 it was restored by the city in celebration of its 70th anniversary and opened to the public as the Opening-Port Memorial Hall.
In March 2009, exhibits inside the facility were updated in conjunction with the 150th anniversary celebration of the opening of Hakodate’s port as part of new efforts toward making this building a symbol of the port opening.

Exhibition Room, Travel back in time to the opening of Hakodate Port!

The Exhibition Room in the Former British Consulate of Hakodate offers guests the opportunity to enjoy seeing what Hakodate looked like at the time that the port was first opened, take commemorative photographs alongside illustrated panels, and more.

Consul’s Office This re-created consul’s office also provides an introduction to former consul Richard Eusden, who was popular among the citizens of Hakodate. Visitors can take commemorative photographs in the office and enjoy its interactive exhibit items.
Consul’s Office
Historical Exhibition Room on the Opening of Hakodate’s Port Information panels introduce history and culture, covering everything from the night preceding the port’s opening when foreign ships stole into Hakodate up to the opening of Japan’s first international trading port after the arrival of Commodore Matthew Perry’s “Black Ships.” In addition, interactive exhibit items give visitors a fun way to learn.
Historical Exhibition Room on the Opening of Hakodate’s Port
Port Opening Memorial Exhibition Based on a “cityscape of Hakodate” motif, the first-floor memorial exhibition shows Commodore Matthew Perry’s sailing route and a bird’s-eye-view world map depicting Hakodate at the time of the port opening on the room’s floor, depictions of foreign vessels in stained-glass window style, and other dynamic depictions of Hakodate’s richly international atmosphere at the time.
Port Opening Memorial Exhibition

Aside from these, there are many other exhibits that enable visitors to experience the opening of Hakodate’s port!

Cafe, Tea Room Victorian Rose

Pass the time in elegance, surrounded by antique furnishings procured from the United Kingdom.
A view of the beautiful rose garden can be enjoyed from the window.

Shop, British Gifts Queen’s Memory

Shop with panache in our shop’s British-style atmosphere!
We carry a wide assortment of elegant British accessories, teas, candies, original products and more.

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